JETRONL-Manufacturer in China

Jetronl factory is a private-owned technology manufacture. It devoted to the design and manufacturing Of special measure instruments such as the power instruments、the electrician instruments and the environment instruments. The used fields cover with all departments of the national economy, for example:
□Power industry                             
□oil combination                             
□food and tobacco
□electron equipment manufacture               
□build manufacture
□glass manufacture                           
□textile industry
□making of medicine                          
□road and railway
□coal explore and manufacture                  
□computation and test
□environmental protection and measurements     
□military field
□architecture check                            
□Scientific research department
□air/air station                                 
□machine manufacture
□Meteorology voyage department
Since the factory was founded, In above field we have great advantage of the information and market depending on many years’ trade sale advantage, the accumulation of the information and experiences of the market development!
Market idea and corporation culture:
We Pursuing

JETRONL-Products Catalogs

  • According to customer samples to produce.Providing samples and technical documentation requirements, our company will be in accordance with customer requirements to development and production
  • To help customers purchasing. If issues such as investment or technology can not produce, our company can help customers purchase in the Chinese market, and only 3% of the agency charged the costs of procurement.
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